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3 Mistakes You Might be Making When Hanging Art

You know when you've been planning your Friday night outfit all week long. Dress, heels, rings, earrings, necklace, make-up, everything. Then Friday night comes you doll yourself up, look at yourself in the mirror... and WHAT you look like a hot mess. Uber is on the way and you're freaking out. In mid panic you're thinking how could you be betrayed like this, you thought it all out. So you take off a few accessories and "yaaaaaas kween" everything has come together.

Well art in your home is the same. You can plan it out but only when you see it all together with your existing furniture pieces you realise you need to edit, edit, edit! Just like a misplaced accessory can ruin a beautifully planned outfit, bad nail placement can ruin a perfectly good piece of art.

If a room in your home is just irking you ever so slightly, and you can quite put your finger on what it is, it maybe your art work placement. Let's chat about 3 common mistakes you might be making:

Hanging art too high:

Here the problem is the nail has been placed too high —your artwork is floating in an abyss of white space above your couch. To tie the pieces together (and make your room more visually harmonious), aim for about 120-130mm of space between the bottom of your art and the top of your furniture.

Pairing Small Art with Large Furniture Pieces:

The scale here is all wrong, and it tricks the eye into thinking a space is smaller than it actually is and looks clumsy. To fix this you could: reframe your existing art using a wide matte border, add other small pieces to create a gallery wall, or swap the art piece out altogether for a larger piece.

The key to keeping art proportional is choosing pieces that are about two-thirds the length of your furniture, but this is a very rough ratio. If it doesn't look right, don't use is. Never hang something for the sake of having something on the wall. Look for the perfect fit, rather than rushing a purchase.

Grouping Corresponding Art Too Far Apart

You don't want your art to look like they hate each other, it's awkward for everyone. Whether you're hanging twin paintings or simply grouping two pieces of art together to act as one, make sure they're cozied up to one another with no more than about 80mm separating the frames, but again go with your gut and what looks right, it is not a hard and fast rule.

Now go make your home beautiful!

Lo_Ki Team


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