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Wall Art Trends

Wall art is so important in turning your house into a home. Whether it is a beautiful abstract piece or cherished family photos dressing your walls can make or break you room. Think of art like fashion; pants as a whole, for example will never go out of fashion, but the style of a pair of pants on trend changes from season to season. The same with art. Very seldom an art piece will date, how we chose to display though, will. 

So what can you do to breath some life into your space. 

Gallery Walls:

Gallery walls have come a long way, from eclectic mismatched frames to now sleek and minimal with clean lines. Update your wall by switching up your frames. Whether you chose a black or white frame or maybe even a pop of colour, keeping your lines clean and framing cohesive.

Adding a matte white boarder to some of your pictures will give it that ultimate high-end gallery look. Most importantly keep your spacing even (you actually need to be quite anal here. So go dust off your tape measure and level!!! NO EYE BALLING)

Photo Shelf:

 (Image via Flickr)

With photo shelves how you group your selection and framing is what will bring your look from 2005- 2018 quick quick! Negative space in your framing will be your best friend here as you need a clear focal point of each picture. Also don't be scared to experiment a little and add a few sentimental objet or some greenery. If you have family pictures dating all the way back to Moses and want to display them all, keep things looking a little less cluttered with a black and white palette. 

 (Image via Pinterest)

Canvas Sets:

 (Image via Pinterest)

If you aren't one for faffing around looking for frames that fit all your pictures, or maybe you actually don't have a huge selection of pictures you would want on a wall but have a large area to cover, then a set of canvases might be perfect for you. RapidStudios is a proudly South African company that has a huge variety of options to to chose from. Whether you want one image stretched over several canvases or 4 or 5 cohesive images you want to show off, it is really the easiest way to update your space!

A set would work well in any part of the home and would even look AMAZING stacked up on a photo shelf for something a little different. 

We have partnered up with them as part of a promotion they are running. If you purchase a set from them you can chose 1 of 4 sets of insta-blocks curated by yours truly. These little blocks are just the cutest things out and would add a pop of fun into you home office or somewhere around the house. 

Check them out HERE . Make sure you also follow them on Instagram and Facebook

Lo-Ki Team


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