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Three Plants that are Impossible to Kill

We have a lot of clients asking for help with their plants, greenery is the one of the best ways to take your space from a house to a home but there is a reason we are an interior design company and not landscapers. Honey, trust me the only green fingers we know is the kind after painting emerald green wall. So we thought we would share our top 3 plants that are harder to kill than keep alive. You're welcome...

1. Heartleaf or Philodendron Scandens

Philodendrons come in a variety of beautiful shades and can be kept as bushy plants or graceful trailers. They do just fine in low light rooms but when is a bright area they grow faster and will produce more leaves. Just avoid putting them in direct sunlight. 

 Image via Instagram- House Plant Club

They grow in soil or just in water (just chose one and stick to that, they don't do well going from water to soil and visa versa). Plants in soil should be watered when half the soil is dry. "What does that mean?" you ask. I don't really know, I am not a fan of sticking my finger in the dirt. So a good indication of when you need to water your plant is when the leaves are wilted or when your mother-in-law is coming over. 

2. Devil's Ivy/ Epipremnum Aureum

These beauties again can be forgotten about for a few weeks if your "water the plants" note-to-self slips your mind... again. As with all potted plants, make sure the excess water can drain easily. So there should be some kind of hole at the bottom of your pot with a few small stones. 

 Image via Huis & Inrichten

They are also easy to propagate as well, simply cut about a few leaves worth of stem off the ends, cutting just under a root node and pop it in water. (A node is the part of the plant stem where the flowers, branches, and leaves first start to grow.)

3. Swiss cheese plant / Monstera deliciosa

Monsteras are quite easy to look after. But they can get quite big, so they might outgrow a small room over time. Keep them in a bright spot, out of direct sunlight. Water it when the top inch of the soil looks dry and again, it is one of those plants that can tolerate an irregular watering schedule.

 Image via Pinterest

Indoor plants tend to grow towards their light source, at times they might look a little lopsided because of that, so every so often just rotate the pot 180 degrees so the leaves start leaning then other way. If your plants’ leaves are looking a little yellow, you're being too diligent with that water schedule. Lay off gurl, you are over watering your plant! If your leaves are looking a little brown (guilty) you might want to set a weekly reminder on your phone to give your babies some TLC. 

And it’s as easy as that. So now you know what to look for at the nursery this weekend to turn your home into a wanna be green house. 

Lo-Ki Team


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