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5 Tips for Small Bathrooms

A bathroom doesn't have to be big to have great style and function. To us, a small space means a fun challenge when it comes to storage and design, which is why we've rounded up some of our favourite small bathrooms design tips for you to use in your home. 

1. Use of vertical space

Whether it is behind your toilet above your bath or vanity, vertical space is great real estate in a teeny tiny bathroom. Take note of every empty space in your bathroom. Chances are, there's a piece of empty wall space waiting for you to customize shelving storage that fits perfectly within it.

Given their small size, hand towels fit perfectly behind a toilet. Don't be grossed out by the a small bathroom everything is close to the toilet. Heck you could even hang a bath towel in that space if you are pushed for space. Or if your bath is right up against the vanity you could make use of that space to hang some towels. 

Picture via Aclore Interiors

 Picture via Lanalou Style

2. Ladder Shelving

Shelving that is deeper at the bottom and shallower at the top is a efficient use of space. It also feels less bulky than a standard shelving unit. 

 Image via Pinterest

3. Plants

We sometimes can feel caged in and claustrophobic in a mini bathroom. Plants really help bring a breathe of fresh air into a small space. Greenery that thrives in low light and humid environments will love your bathroom as their new home. 

 Picture via Design Sponge

If you are anything like me and really suck at keeping plants alive or maybe your bathroom or guest toilet doesn't get enough light; throw a few healthy looking clippings in a beautiful vase or jar for the same effect - monstera leaves are a great option as they survive for a while in water. 

4. Art and Prints

Many people view the bathroom as a functional space only. But we forget that we actually do spend quite a bit of time in the there, especially if you're brushing your teeth like your dentist said you should. So give your peepers a pretty picture to peep at while you... uh... brush your teeth. 

 Image via Monika Hibbs

5. Go Dark

Sometimes we just have to admit defeat that we will not be able to enlarge a room by a few extra square meters or add a huge window to bring in all the light our heart desires. So yes while light colours are great at reflecting light and making a room feel more airy, dark colours are amazing at creating a rich feeling of depth and almost making the corners disappear. So if your bathroom is naturally a dark space, go bold and paint the walls a moody grey or navy blue, that way the darkness looks intentional rather than a dingy looking white room.

 Image via Pinterest

But mostly embrace your small space and keep it neat and tidy; have fun with your design and be daring when making decisions you won't regret it.  

Lo-Ki Team


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