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Tips For First Time Interior Design Clients: Explore a Little

Now that you have decided to give up the DRIVER'S SEAT and let your designer do what they do best, now what?

Now is the time to EXPLORE A LITTLE

If you decide to pay your designer per hour, sometimes it feels like you are racing against the clock. We designers get that, and as mentioned in our previous articles, we really care about making the best use of your time. However, you should't rush a creative, trust, you will likely only stifle their design process. Interior design is a process, one that requires a good amount of investigation and exploration.

Designers should be invested in making sure that the spaces they make reflect the people they make them for, and that takes some leg work. Unless you are giving your designer the go-ahead to make all executive decisions, expect some back-and-forth in the sourcing process. I always tell my clients at the first presentation we probably are 70% of the way there. Don't expect to be bowled over by every little thing presented at the initial meeting. Your designer will be creative and intuitive, but nobody is a mind-reader, if you really like or dislike something, be honest and let them know. If you are taking the time and money to invest in this process, I advise giving yourself ample time to decorate right.

We have two more parts to this series, next we will have a look at why GOING WITH YOUR GUT and sticking to your guns is a top priority when you decide to decorate.

Lo-Ki Team


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