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Tips For First Time Interior Design Clients: Try Out the Passenger Seat

Ok, so you have your BUDGET firmly in mind. You have vowed to yourself and the universe of creativity that you will BE BRAVE. Now what?

Now is the time to call shot gun and let your designer take the wheel.

This is the hardest role for some clients to slip into, but I promise you that this is the time to trust your designer and let them take YOU on a ride. Some clients refuse to give up the steering wheel, and that can make it challenging for a designer to do what they do best in their own way.

If I can just have a quick lil' rant; we all have our own tastes, likes and dislikes. Heck even between Charl and myself finding a happy medium we both love takes a lot of back-and-forth to make something that satisfies both our styles. But PLEASE why are you spending the money on a designer, when really you know exactly what the space is going to look like at the end. If you want your space to look like a commercial store's generic showroom, then save yourself the stress and go buy all the pieces off the shelf. Biggest advice I can give you is HIRE A DESIGNER YOU TRUST, and one that you wouldn't feel the need to question/change their every recommendation. Ok, rant over...

Each designer has a process or technique that makes them work at maximum efficiency. I urge my clients to follow my lead and give the feedback I’m asking for in the order I am asking for it. Some designers operate differently. Design is a collaborative process. Be vocal and participate in the creation of your space (all the while, keeping in mind that your designer is a pro).

Patience not really your thing? Next we will be discussing why being patient and exploring a little are crutial parts of hiring a designer. 

Lo-Ki Team


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