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Tips For First Time Interior Design Clients: Being Brave

In the first part of our "Tips for first time interior design clients" series we discussed BUDGETS, (click here if you missed it)

In part two we talking all about BEING BRAVE.

So you’ve hired a designer for the first time, YAY! The good news is you’ve taken the first step towards making your space a place you love! I cannot stress enough that when working with a designer the more open-minded you are and the more you trust them, the more you will gain from the design process.

The thing about stretching your creative boundaries is that you can’t anticipate what new pieces you might like until you see them. Designers are professional 'visualisers', it is a very refined skill that enables us to see how the final product will look in our mind's eye . Start off the process by being honest about what styles or design elements are really off-putting to you. Show your designer pictures of rooms you love, and what elements in that room really stand out to you. Even if you have hired them to redo your master bedroom but absolutely love the look of a formal lounge on Pinterest. Show them that room, that will really help in nailing down what tickles your fancy. It’s just as important to know what you dislike (and letting your designer know) as knowing what you DO like.

Next we will be chatting about riding shot gun. Yip, it’s not everyone’s favourite, but we’ll show you why it is so necessary when working with a designer.

Lo-Ki Team


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