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Old Bedroom, New Home Feeling

It is always exciting moving into a new home, and the best part of our job is that we get to experience that feeling again and again, with our clients.

When a gorgeous, newly married couple asked us to help them transform their master bedroom, we couldn't wait to get our paint brushes out and head to work. Our brief was: "I want our room to look like it belongs on Pinterest."

Just to give you an idea this is what we were competing with (slowly lowers head into pillow and screams)

(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via Pinterest)

As designers we envision that all of our work will hopefully end up on a Pinterest wall somewhere (hopefully not one that says "Don't Do This"); but we knew just what they meant. This had to be clean, crisp and fresh! It is daunting that our clients expect perfection of it, but worth it when we have free reign to let our imaginations really fly.

We wanted to please both husband and wife with our design (we all know that, with only a few scatter cushions, it is pretty easy for a bedroom to lean more towards the feminine side). So we made sure that we incorporated masculine elements while still keeping the room warm and inviting.

Clean lines and moody greys help ground the dusty pink and velvets throughout the room.

We added a few custom KūPER elements to make this room bespoke and add character that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

KūPER Hex Shelf in Aged Copper

KūPER Birch and Meranti Copper Coat Hooks

KūPER Emerald Vanity Box alongside the mirror.

Everything in the room is either custom made or made by hand except for the Fossil bedside pedestals which you can get from @Home and a few other elements such as the mirror and frames.

Beside lights by Arkivio

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