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On Our Feature Wall: Odette Uys

With September drawing to an end we thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to show you just what we can do with a small space – and cram in another designer that inspire us, before the month ends.

Today we look at Odette Uys. Just look at her stuff, seriously, look at it! After even a glance at her Instagram page or website you will be coveting every piece.

Our conversation with Odette confirmed why we are so in love with her amazing creations. She firmly believes in not overworking or complicating her works. This makes them simple and authentic; think perfectly chilled Gin and Tonic on a sunny spring day, rather than a long island ice tea in a smoky club.

Sketching and painting have always been a part of her life, and earlier this year she decided to turn that passion into a homeware range. She wanted to (and we think she has) make things that she (we) would like to see in her (our) own home.

Currently you will be able to purchase beautiful scatters and wallpapers from her online store, but Odette plans on extending her range of products. So you should expect to be drooling over an increasingly large selection of perfectly crafted pieces in the new future.

Living by the ocean, she finds a lot of her inspiration in nature, particularly the sky and sea. She says: "The constant changing and shifting, different hues and intensities, fascinates me... I love abstract art, especially expressionism. The freedom one feels letting go of daily stress and just allowing the brush to guide in the process of creating."

Follow Odette Uys on Instagram (odetteuysartanddesign) and Facebook (@odetteuysartanddesign). You probably also want to pick up one of her gorgeous creations from her online store:

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