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2017: Year of Kale

Pantone, who are pretty much the world-renowned authority on colour, have made their predictions on the colour of the year for 2017: KALE

Just as we were all hoping that the vegan trend would start dying down and we could all eat meat in peace again, Pantone go and predict that deep and leafy green hue to be one of the colours that we will be seeing a lot of in 2017.

For many years Pantone have accurately predicted the upcoming colour trends of the year. This is the colour which influences everything from interiors to (heaven forbid) men’s wear, architecture to furniture. To prove my point – one of their colours for 2016: Rose Quartz. I am sure that you haven’t been able to open an interiors magazine, scroll through Pinterest or window shop without being blinded by the beautiful rosey metallic shade.

We are really excited about 2017’s colour palette predictions. We will be seeing a lot more muted tones, with highlights of primary accents. We expect these to be colours that are leaning a little more to the masculine end of the scale.

So, this is the moment that you have been waiting for, here’s a list of the top colours you can look out for. You can rush out and get a head start on the 2017 craze, you might even be able to convince people that you started it (well maybe the 3 people out there that aren’t reading our blog religiously) :

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