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Who is Lo-Ki Interiors?

It starts (as all of the best things do) with a frustrated designer.

"Yes, Mister Architect, your single pitch roof with inset angled glass IS beautiful, but how am I supposed to install curtains/blinds for this bedroom?", asked the intrepid Designer.

"I just do the buildings... you're a designer, you'll make a plan", replied the evil architect

Ja, Inset windows and curtains dont go too well together

At the same moment, 900 kilometres away a developer sighed while the very principles of physics crumbled before his eyes.

"Yes, Miss Decorator, I agree that your design for a floating concrete vanity IS amazing. Unfortunately though, dry-walling is not going to support the 5 000 ton slab you’re trying to install."

"I just do the decorating… you’re a builder, you’ll make a plan”, replied the whimsical decorator.

As if fated by the stars, the Developer and Designer found each other and knew that they could change the world by combining design and development to form Lo-Ki Interiors.

While there is nobody better at “making a plan” than us, we believe that the true magic is in combining design and construction from the very start to make sure that the final product is perfectly suited to its function while exhibiting exquisite form.

A home, an office, a shop or whatever other space you can imagine – they should all be just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. An architect might design you the most beautiful structure a mind could conceive, while neglecting the fact that a family of four can’t sit around a dinner table as big as a side plate. An interior designer, on the other hand, can work magic on the interior of a house which from the outside makes you feel as if you are about to be imprisoned.

When combined though, these abilities are more than the sum of their parts. Thus our dream: Beautifully developed and refurbished homes and commercial properties which feel like they were created for their function while still being gorgeous inside and out.

Our signature is a contemporary, modern design with a unique flair for extraordinary finishing touches. Book a consultation with us and we can show you just how easy it is to make your home work for you.

Design, development, decoration. We are Lo-Ki Interiors. We are the solution.

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