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low-key (lō′kē′)
  • Restrained, subdued, or understated

  • (Art Terms) (of a painting, design etc.) having a predominance of dark grey tones or dark colours with few highlights.

Our passion for creating functional and striking solutions will revitalise your space: interior or exterior; new development or refurbishment; residential or commercial – we believe they all deserve the same affection.


In particular we love contemporary, modern design – but with a splash of our own eclectic flair. Think of it as a masculine strong foundation with just the right amount of the soft feminine touch.

We believe in understated composition. Design should be restrained and yet completely alive.

Minimalist spaces and simple design allow our clients to fully express themselves in a whisper instead of a shout.

We will help you raise your space to its full potential with small, unique but unforgettable touches.

Careful planning and flawless execution create an atmosphere that will enhance a home, work or social setting.

Whatever the size, scope or location – our end product is sure to captivate your mind and entice your senses.

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